tues. 10 – 1 pm : mapping what we try to forget: walk and workshop with Tricia Enns

The workshop places a critical eye on our understanding of and relationship to the streets surrounding Concordia through the debris found there. Debris is adjacent to waste, both of which are material representations of our desire to forget through thoughtlessly discarding. In this workshop we will walk through the streets surrounding Concordia, collect debris, and create debris mappings of the area using paper making practices. This process will be accompanied by discussion around how engaging with debris can bring attention to overlooked stories at risk of being forgotten.

About Tricia Enns

I am an artist-researcher-designer who explores relationships with urban spaces and how these spaces hold stories, memories, histories and futures. I use walking, papermaking, participatory methods and mapping to unravel potentially new intimacies with public spaces, most recently with the Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal. I am a co-founder of The Playground Collective, a group of six international artists exploring topics surrounding how public space affects the way we move and interact within it and with one another through ‘playful disobedience’. Finally, I am currently finishing a Master’s degree in design at Concordia University that uses participatory, counter-mapping, and walking practices to draw attention to overlooked social narratives through engaging with material remnants.