Tues. 3 – 4 pm : mapping concordia’s sustainability ecosystem with Karine Balé

We are going through unprecedented challenges with climate change and technology changing the state of the world as we know it. Unfortunately, people still consider these challenges future problems instead of current concerns. How do we shift the narrative and create a shared understanding of the situation’s urgency? This is the question that I attempt to answer through my system mapping experiment. Through this presentation, I will tell you why it is essential for us to get a shared understanding of sustainability, and I will introduce you to the world of system mapping.

About Karine Balé

Karine is a 4th-year Economics student with a passion for sustainability. She was a member of the first cohort of Concordia’s sustainability ambassador program, during which she developed an interactive map of the sustainability initiatives at Concordia. Her project allowed her to win a SAF Sustainability Research Award and a CSU Sustainability Education Scholarship. Karine enjoys discovering new applications of systems theory and interactive design. When she’s not working on her various projects, Karine can be found rock climbing or hiking.