mon. 10:30 — 11:15 am: symposium opening event with dean of Fine Arts Annie Gerin

Join us for the kickoff of, a symposium on sociocultural and environmental sustainability across the fine arts. Presented by SiFOFA, explores the sustainable practices and pedagogies currently embedded in academic ecosystems of the Faculty of Fine Arts. In exploring concepts of socio-cultural sustainability, the symposium aims to create space for salient questioning designed to challenge how we can diversify and develop these practices in the future.

The symposium invites faculty, technical staff, students, and alumni to collaborate through research-creation, knowledge-sharing sessions, actionable workshops, and an exhibition of artistic works exploring the shifting meaning of sustainability in creative practice.

This kickoff event is an opportunity to visit the new exhibition at 4th Space and hear introductory presentations by:

Annie Gerin, Dean of Fine Arts
pk langshaw, Department Chair, Design and Computation Arts
The 4th Space Concordia team
The student team

Tea and coffee will be provided