in. site is a transdisciplinary and participatory symposium, interfacing Fine Arts with socio-cultural and environmental sustainability at Concordia University.

connective | socio-cultural | environmental | actionable | accessible | approachable | multi-media | built environment | human/non-human relational

The symposium includes an art exhibition, hands-on workshops, presentations, a panel discussion, and a sustainability fair that explore social, cultural, and environmental sustainability in the context of artistic practice in the Concordia Fine Arts community. This event is an opportunity for cross-disciplinary knowledge-sharing and community-building between students, faculty, technicians, administration, and alumni, and provides a great introduction for students looking to make sustainability part of their personal practice and university experience. The broader goal of the symposium is to bring attention and discussion to existing sustainability initiatives at Concordia and to create space for questioning designed to challenge how we can diversify and develop these practices in the future. Although this is a Fine Arts oriented event, anyone from the Concordia community is encouraged to attend and participate, as sustainability is an issue that touches every discipline, and this event can only benefit from a diversity of perspectives.

the team

professor pk langshaw

faculty in.site director 
pk langshaw professor &chair
dept . design &computation arts

Professor pk langshaw, Department of Design and Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University strives to facilitate fluid models of knowledge acquisition in design education. langshaw re.searches a poetic/political language for designing, feminist and interventionist as socio.cultural.environmental en.vision.ing. interested all things verse : diverse, reverse, inversion, transversal, and reversible, the hybrid works are mediated by traditional and digital mediums to in.form garment making, poems, bookworks, and performative events. langshaw has been instrumental in driving socio.cultural.environmental sustainability in the design&computation arts programs, faculty of fine arts, and university wide. her research/creation is intrinsically interconnected and relational to teaching and service.

For a description of her full works, consult her presentation brief here

lead coordinator, Claire Lecker

Claire holds a BA in Communications from Concordia, and has returned to the university to complete a BFA in Design, pursuing her interest in the creation of objects and the built environment. She is particularly interested in the potential of design in sociocultural and environmental sustainability and social innovation. In her design work she takes a playful approach, searching for a balance between pleasantly unpredictable outcomes and reproducibility.

Coordinator, Elisabeth Bureau

As a BFA design student at Concordia University, Elisabeth’s work revolves around 3D creation through objects, textiles, and physical and digital spaces. She nourishes an interest for narrative installations and immersive scenography. The relationship between humans and their environment is a recurrent theme throughout her practice. Along with her fellow teammates, she was awarded the Collaborative Research Creation Award at FLUX 2022 for the Design + Disappear project. While still trying to find her voice as a designer, she considers sustainability in all its aspects as an essential starting point for the development of futur creative practices.

Coordinator, Sarah Hontoy-Major

As a current computation arts undergraduate student, Sarah works to intertwine her knowledge from past degrees in fashion design and international politics into technological artistic approaches. Her main focus reside in computational physics mixed with real-life materials and practices, as well as the use of data as an artistic and social medium, to convey ideas and critics of the future of digital and social sustainability. She was awarded the Inclusivity Award at the FLUX 2022 for her Femme digital sculpture art piece.

Coordinator, Patrizio McLelland

As well as being a Research Assistant with IDEAS-BE (Integrated Design Ecology and Sustainability for the Built Environment) since 2020, Patrizio is currently working towards a BFA in Design. A passionate artist, musician, and learner, he is striving to find interconnection between sustainability, and our shared spaces of civic life. He received the People’s Choice award at Citéstudio’s Voila! showcase and was awarded, as part of a team, the Collaborative Research Creation Award at FLUX 2022. His work has also been on display at the Visiones Sonoras music & technology festival, in Morelia, Mexico.